Cocker's decimal arithmetick. [electronic resource] : Wherein is shewed the nature and use of decimal fractions in the usual rules of arithmetick, and the mensuration of plains and solids. Together with tables of interest and rebate for the valuation of leases and annuities, present or in reversion, and rules for calculating those tables. Whereunto is added, his artificial arithmetick, shewing the genesis or fabrick of the logarithms, and their use in the extraction of roots, the solving of questions in anatocism, and in other arithmetical rules, in a method not usually practised. Also his algebraical arithmetick, containing the doctrine of composing and resolving an equation; with all other rules requisite for the understanding that mysterious art, according to the method used by Mr. John Kersey in his incomparable treatise of algebra. Composed by Edward Cocker, late practitioner in the arts of writing, arithmetick, and engraving. Perused, corrected, and published by John Hawkins, writing-master at St. George's Church in Southwark

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