Charles Campbell, merchant, Hugh Campbell, gent. Charles Campbell, Anne Campbell, minors, by their next friend, Bridget Campbell, Charles Bristow, Esq; Peter Bristow, Clerk, Samuel Bristow, gent. Joseph Finiston, clerk, and Dorothy Finiston, alias Bristow, his wife, John Shaw, gent. and Jane Shaw, alias Bristow, his wife, John Moore, Esq; and Mable Moore, alias Bristow, his wife, Charles Moore, Esq; John Moore, gent. Sir John Whitefoord, bart. and Dame Alice Whitefoord, alias Moore, his wife, the Rev. William Cupples, and Jane Cupples, alias Kennedy, his wife, Charles Craig and Hugh Craig, gent. James Dalziell, merchant, and Jane his wife, James Moore, gent. and Mable Moore, alias Craig, his wife, Francis Montgomery, gent. and Elizabeth his wife, Catherine and Elinor Craig, spinsters, Anne Caldwell, spinster, Catherine, and Alice Caldwell, minors, by their next friend, Catherine Caldwell, Charles Boyd, Hugh Boyd, and Henry Boyd, gent. Robert M'Bride, gent. and Jane M'Bride his wife, - - - - appellants. William Colvill, Bruen Worthington, John Moore, Henry Singleton, Marmaduke Coghill, Samuel Burton, Nicholas Lord Viscount Nettirvill, and Catherine Burton, now Lady Viscountess Nettirvill, his wife, Benjamin Burton, Charles Caldwell, and the Rev. Skeffington Bristow, clerk, - - - - respondents. The case of the respondents the Lord and Lady Nettirvill [electronic resource]

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