Mr. William Lilly's history of his life and times, from the year 1602, to 1681. [electronic resource] : Written by himself in the 66th year of his age, to his worthy friend Elias Ashmole, Esq; containing, among many curious particulars, I. An account of Dr. Forman, Dr. Napist, Dr. Booker. Dr. Dee, Kelly, and all other astrologers and conjurors; his cotemporaries, unsolding the mysteries of the black art viz. Incantations, raising of spirits, &c. II. The tryal of Isaac Antrobus, parson of egremond, before Sir Harbertle Grimston, master of the rolls, for baptizing, a cock by the name of Peter, and committing adultery with a woman and her daughter. III. A discovery of several private transactions relating to Oliver Crommell's management, during the time of the civill wars; more especially that grand secret, who the person was that cut off King Charles's head. Iv. Mr. Lilly's examation before the Parliament concerning the fire of London: with some memorable occurrences that happened after the restauration of King Charles II

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