An exact table of the weight of gold and silver. [electronic resource] : Containing, I. The value of any quantity of silver, from 1 grain to 200000 ounces, at 5s. 2d. 5s. 4d. 5s. 6d. and 5s. 8d. per ounce Troy. II. The value of any quantity of gold, from 1 grain to 40 pound weight, at 4l. 2s. per ounce, may be known by inspection. III. The true weight that any summ of our new mill'd money ought to weigh, according to the standard rate of 62 shillings, being a pound Troy for weight, and 11 ounces 2 peny-weight for fineness: as also, how much silver, at 5s. 2d. per ounce, will pay any summ under 1000 l. IV. The weight of a true guinea; 22 shillings, or 20 shillings broad gold; as also the French and Spanish pistole. Adapted to the use of such as deal in plate or money, and may (at this time) be usefull for the whole nation to set up in their studies, shops, ware-houses, or compting-houses. Calculated by Edw. Hatton, Gent. Author of The Merchant's Magazine

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