A declaration of the House of Commons touching the breach of their priviledges and for the vindication thereof and of divers members of the said house &c. [electronic resource] : wherein is likewise contayned first a remonstrance of the present state of divers things in and about the city of London, Westminster and Parliament-house ... : 2. the examination of His Majesties attourny [sic] generall by the House of Commons ... : 3. seaven articles of high treason against Coronell Lunsford, together with an order of both Houses for the speedy apprehension of the Lord Digby and the afore said Lunsford ... : 4. the wonderfull deliverance of foure honorable peeres of this land ... : 5. the votes of both Houses of Parliament against those eleven bishops which were accused of high treason, &c. : 6. the advice sent from His Majesties commissioners in Scotland to both the honouralbe Houses of Parliament in England, Ianuary the 15, 1641 ... : 7. the sea-mens protestation : lastly, how two boats laden with great Saddles

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