An Easter-reckoning, or, A free-will offering [electronic resource] : rendering the calves of my lips, and offering up my service to the Lord in yielding obedience to Him, in shewing the priests and people their sins and transgressions, how they walk contrary to God and the practice of the prophets, the holy men of God, and contrary to the practice of the holy apostles, who were the true ministers of Jesus Christ : by way of question and answer in several particulars, and withal, shewing the difference of the ministery of Christ, and the ministery of the world or of Antichrist, and how they may be known asunder the one from the other, as the Lord hath discovered them to me by his spirit, and last they may be known by the seal of their apostleship, as their fruits do make them manifest : with a reckoning with the priests, giving to them that which is their due, according to the command of God and our Lord Jesus Christ ... : whereunto is annexed, The Lords free-love offering to His own people

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