The mariners magazine, stor'd with these mathematical arts [electronic resource] : the rudiments of navigation and geometry. The making and use of divers mathematical instruments. The doctrine of triangles, plain and spherical. The art of navigation, by the plain-chart, Mercator's-chart, and the arch of a great circle. The art of surveying, gauging, and measuring. Gunnery and artificial fire-works. The rudiments of astronomy. The art of dialling. Also with tables of logarithms, and tables of the suns declination; of the latitude and longitude, right ascension and declination of the most notable fixed stars; of the latitude and longitude of places; of meridional parts. Whereunto are annexed, an abridgment of the penalties and forfeitures, by acts of Parliament, relating to the customs, and to navigation. And, a compendium of fortification. By Capt. Samuel Sturmy

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