A perfect and true copy of the severall grievances of the army under his Excellencie, Sir Thomas Fairfax. [electronic resource] : As it was presented at Saffron-Walden in Essex, unto Field-Marshall Gen. Skippon, Lieut. General Cromwel, Commissarie Gen. Ireton, and Colonel Fleetwood members of the House of Commons, and commissioners for the Parliament there, by [bracket] Col. Whaley, Col. Ingoldsby, Col. Hammond, Col. Rich. [bracket] Col. Lambert. Col. Okey. Col. Henson. Major Disborow Major Cowley. [bracket] With the names of above two hundred and forty commission-officers that did subscribe it, and presented in the House of Commons, by Lieutenant General Cromwel, and Col. Fleetwood; toget her [sic] with an order of the generals, to every regiment of horse and foot. Published at the instant desires of the officers of the army, to prevent mistakes which may arise from an imperfect copy already dispersed

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