The bloody Whitsuntide, or, The tragicall moneth [electronic resource] : wherein is represented divers sad and lamentable murders, the like not heard of for these many years : the first, in Holborn, and Covent-Garden, with the true account, and full particulars : the second, near Pankridge Church on Sunday morning last, where a gentleman was found dead in the fields, his sword lying by him, and his doublet off, having about 20. pieces of gold besides silver, in his pockets : with the apprehending of Mr. Wise the dueller, and the committing of him to the presse yard at New-gate : the third, young man, who being jealous of his wife, prov'd her executioner : together with the manner of the sad and lamentable accident that befel the shoe-makers boy at Bishops-Gate, and the splitting of his skull, and dashing his brains against the walls