The arraignment, tryall, conviction, and confession of Francis Deane a salter, and of Iohn Faulkner a strong-water man, [electronic resource] : (both Annabaptists, and lately received into that sect) for the murther of one Mr. Daniel a soliciter, who was cruelly murthered one night in Elbow-lane, they being apprehended were brought to New-gate on the 24th. day of January last, and for which fact were executed at Tyburne on Munday last, being the 17. of April. 1643. Also whereunto is added an Anabaptists sermon, which was preached at the re-baptizing of a brother at the new or holy Iordan, as they call it neare Bow, or Hackny River; together with the manner how they use to performe their Anabaptisticall ceremonies

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