Truths defender, and errors reprover: or A briefe discoverie of feined Presbyterie dilated and unfolded in 3. distinct chapters. [electronic resource] : The first, shewing what English Presbyterie is. The second declareth what the failings and errings are, in the practise of those that have constitution by Ordinance of Parliament. The third chapter discovereth the conceited fancies, of such as minde not Parliamentary directions, either for their own constitution or execution and yet denominate themselves Presbyterians. And both parties being found guilty of transgression, are admonished to repentance, according to the rule of the word of the Lord, that commandeth his servants, saying, Thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sinne upon him, or as it is in the margent, or thou beare not sinne for him Levit. 19. 17. And also Capt. Norwoods declaration, proved an abnegation of Christ. / By J.G. a servant to, and lover of the truth

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