The tryall and examination of Mrs. Joan Peterson, before the Honorable Bench, and the Sessions house in the Old-Bayley, yesterday; [electronic resource] : for her supposed witchceaft [sic], and poysoning of the lady Powel at Chelsey: together with her confession at the bar. Also, the tryal, examination, and confession, of Giles Fenderlyn, who had made a covenant with the devil for 14 years, written with the bloud of his two fore-fingers, & afterwards kill'd his wife: with the strange apparitions that appeared unto him in prison; and how the devil saluted him in the likeness of a lawyer. Likewise, the manner how he was enchanted, and made shot-free; and by the power and efficacy of a ring which the devil gave him, could find out any monies that was hid, and escape undiscover'd from his enemies; but his covenant being expir'd, he was aprehended, and (according to law) sentenc'd to be hang'd in chaines

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