A salutation to the seed of God and a call out of Babylon and Egypt, from amongst the magitians [microform] : where the house of bondage is, and the imaginations rules above the seed of God, the cause of all blindness and condemnation : also that which is perfect made manifest, even everlasting righteousnesse, which endures for all generations, who will receive it and believe therein, which is Sions glory, Christ with his life and power made manifest in mortal flesh : with the way to him, set forth most for such as groan for freedome from the power of sin, but may be serviceable to all who loves his appearance : also a testimony from Christ, what he is in this world, and where he is ... : also a suite to such rulers, magistrates, and governours as have not wholly hardned their hearts, and stopt the ear against the voice of the Spirit, that they may hear, and their souls may live, and be established a blessing to the nations : unto which is annexed, how sin is strengthened, and how it is overcome / written

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